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The frame and axle tub

Frame parts and axles go in this tub.
With plastic bins on the shelf I have a free tub that I put in some frame parts and some axles as well as some swingarm pivot hardware. Sportster_garage_frame-axle-tub-01

I tossed in the axles and the chunks of Sportster frames. The tub is already pretty heavy.
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For some reason I always kept the swingarm pivot hardware in this coffee can. Habit I guess.


I also had a bunch of swingarm axle adjusters.
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This is a little treasure to remind me when I broke the chain on my 1962. The chain wiped out the sprocket cover and broke a chunk of the case. I get it all repaired and take the bike out and it still feels sketchy and I hear the chain scraping the guard. Sure enough, this adjuster had sheared off and the chain was loose as all get-out. It never ends.


Here is a swingarm pivot. Be sure to clean up the bolt with 600 grit and lube it when you put it in the frame. I had once seize up on my 1979 bobber and took all the tricks int eh book, slide hammer, ox-acetylene torch, and in impact wrench to get it out.
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Here is some of the stuff from the can. There are frame parts, swingarm bearings, and some wheel bearings.


I tossed the smaller frame parts into a baggie.
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I wanted to keep the coffee can theme, so I packed up a smaller can with the swingarm pivot bearings.


I am pretty sure these are front wheel bearings.


And I think these are front fork seals for my 1977. I put them in the gauge tub for lack of a better place.
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Here is the frame and axle tub all ready to go back on the shelf. That is less things laying loose around the Sportster garage, and that is always a good thing. Now a quick check of the bottom shelf of the Gorilla Rack and then I can go sift through stuff in the spare room.
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