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SportsterPaul's 1977 Sportster XLCH

My 77 Sportster has gone through a lot of changes in the 15 years I have owned her. She started life a stock XLCH kickstart-only bike.

This last rebuild I put on a set of big bike tanks, fenders and saddlebags. I had previously had the electric starter pocket cut off and adapted an Evo-era primary cover. I also put in the pre-1970 dry clutch that I run wet with Barnett Kevlar plates. I fabricated a clutch mechanism and a kickstart support bracket. I removed the peg mounts from the engine and put them on the frame like 1976 and earlier bikes. I used the 1974 to 1976 rear brake pedal type peg to operate the brake. The front end uses a Bates style headlight on a billet mount I designed. It also uses a generator mounted voltage regulator of my own design. The lunchbox oil bag has been centered in the frame and an external filter brazed to it. It uses a front mount battery box of my own design. I think the primary cover without a starter pocket is beautiful don't you?




I changed the tanks over to 5-gallon flat-side tanks. They have an ugly paint job, but it is great not going to the gas station every week. I have a nice set of 3-gallon flat-side tanks from a Softtail, but I am not sure the petcock will clear the rear head. Stay tuned.

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