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SportsterPaul's 1979 Sportster chop

My 79 Sportster came with a burned front piston courtesy of a leaky O-ring. I paid 900 dollars for the stock bike.

I've chopped it a little more each time I've rebuilt her. The starter pocket is cut off and the sprocket cover is replaced with a steel bracket to support the kick starter. The right side foot peg is a '74 to '76 cable rear brake unit with a Softail rear master cylinder fabricated to it. The reservoir is on the frame just under the seat and behind the oil tank. It runs an electronic ignition. The battery is front mounted. The beautiful Sumax oil tank has been installed three ways. For several years it was resting on slit rubber hose pieces on the frame with a giant hose clamp that would hold it down. Then I "improved" it by welding a big steel bar across the frame under the seat and hard-mounted the bag to it. It took a couple hundred miles to rip the mounts out of the bag. Now I use the rubber mounts from the Shovelhead kit to 2 brackets. Note the trick front brake where I used drill rod to stabilize the calipers.



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