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The gauge and fork tub

A tub with front-end stuff, including gauges and fork parts.
After getting the earlier tubs in order, I pried open the tub with Sportster gauges and some front fork stuff.

This tub had space in it when I moved to Florida, so in a last-minute panic I tossed in some stuff that was sitting out in the shop. A K-model chain guard does not belong here, I put it with the K-model workbench.

Same deal, its good to take some snaps of what you own so you can see where stuff is and refresh you memory without having to dig through the tubs themselves.

It is also handy when you get short of cash and need to eBay some stuff, you can decide what will go.
This tub has some gauges in it, but also the K-model chain guard and some license plate brackets. This wasn't on the movers, I tossed this stuff in the tub in California since it looked like there was room. Looks like everything made it to Florida just fine.
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This was what I was worried about more than any other part in the stash. Its a restored speedo for my 1952 K-Model. I wrapped it in bubble and it looks fine. The needle has bounced out of position, but I was able to get it bumped back in position once before, after the eBay guy shipped it from Canada. Eh?


Here are some nice spotlight mounts. They are not for Sportster, maybe big bike or a 45. I will list them on eBay.
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Repop "alligator" fork tube rubbers for my 1962 or the K-Model. I think the K-Model came with original stuff, I will be interested to examine the hardware and such.


Some 900cc and 1000cc head bolts and some other big fasteners. You can tell I was not too particular about where stuff when, as long as it was leaving California and headed for Florida.
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The tub has two smaller tubs in it. The left one has some handlebar mounts, and a billet Bates headlight mount I designed years ago.


The right box has some axle spacers, some repop fork rubber flanges, and some chrome fork tube covers.
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The little brown box has fork tube caps from different years. I figure to sell this stuff on eBay to finance work on the bikes.


There are two late-1970s gauge sets. I used to take these off and use a bicycle speedo. Then I got tired of the batteries dying, not being able to read them at night, and not having them work above 75 mph. I sold my original gauges and now I have to buy some back. There is chopper and there is too chopper.

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Also in the tub was a nice steering damper knob for and early model. This is for the 1962 Sporty.


Also in the tub was the K-Model chain guard, and some fender struts. The trick is to take early Sportster struts and rivet them to a Hummer front fender. The Hummer fender is the same as K-Model, with the little flip at the back.
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