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The primary and sprocket cover tub

Primary and sprocket and some rear motor mounts.
Getting to the end of all the plastic tubs, this one has primary covers and sprocket covers. It didn't need reorganizing, I just pulled stuff out and reminded myself what I owned. Sportster_garage_primary-and-sprocket-cover-tub-01

The tub had three early primary covers, two sprocket covers, and two steel motor mounts.
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Here is an early Sportster primary 34951-57.


Here are two genuine Harley tin primary covers. They are two-piece. There is a separate tin cap pressed onto the cover to strengthen the dome that covers the clutch basket.
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There are two types of Sportster rear motor mounts. One is steel, the other is cracked. I snag these on eBay and put them on my Sportsters. If the engine is later like a 1977 I saw off the front part of the big flat. These are later model steel, the earlier ones have a much smaller hole for the kickstarter shaft, so that it captivates the shaft and you have to either split the cases, or pull the three studs that the mount ties into.


Sorry for the fuzzy picture of some primary cover plugs.
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I pulled this sprocket cover and mount out of the bag so you can see it clearly. That black steel part mounts behind the cover and the kick-starter shaft goes through the tube. When you do this the sprocket cover will stop ripping in half when you kick a high-compression bike like my 1980 show bike with Thunderheads.


Just to make it clear how this mounts up. I did not even know about this until I saw it on eBay by Bill's Custom Cycles. Add this tidbit to the little spring Harley made to stop the rattle in the 1974-77 front brake caliper.
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Here is another sprocket cover for my 1962 Sporty. It is the correct one for the bike.

Here is a clearer shot of those primary cover oil plugs and two thick pieces of steel tubing I use to make kickstarter shaft brackets like I run on my 1977 and 1979 bobber. This gets rid of the sprocket cover.

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To the horror of traditionalists, I cut up a lot of Sportster cases. I hack off the starter pockets as well as cutting the cover parts off of the gearcase cover.


I have gone too far, like when I tried to make an open primary Sportster with a belt drive. You can do it, but you can't run a kickstarter, since all those gears and bushings need oil.
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Here is the sprocket cover and primary cover and motor mount tub all tucked in and ready to go back on the shelf. I added some bubble wrap to protect the aluminum.
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