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The peg and kickstand tub

A heavy tub full of heavy stuff.
I am getting jazzed going through all the parts tubs after my move to Florida from California. I sold a bunch of stuff over 2013 and 2014, but I want to get an idea of what I own as 2015 starts.

This tub has footpegs and kickstands and some other heavy stuff. That is why the tub is a bit smaller, and on the lower shelf.

There was a K-model motor mount that belongs with that bike on the workbench. Also some stuff that I might sell on eBay like the center stand.

There are lots of little things, so it will be nice to have a photo record here.

Here is the tub as shipped to Florida. There is a nice K-model top motor mount and a NOS center-stand for early Sportsters.
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Here are two early model rear footpeg mounts. I run these whenever I can. Its much better for your passenger to have the pegs bolt to the frame instead of the rear swingarm like some later models. You also have to run the spring on at least the right one so it will always stay up out of the kickstarter's way. Only the finest women make sure to pull up the right peg after they get off the bike. I will be keeping my eye our for such a gal out here.


This is a late-model, 1982 or so, peg setup I am considering adapting to my 1980 show bike. It would make the brake and such be a more factory setup.
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There are four kickstands, or sidestands, if you prefer. Some springs and a pin. The aftermarket stand with the pinch bolt is junk, especially if the pinch bolt peens over the metal and you cant get the dang kickstand off the bike. The stock pin setup works, if you set it up right and bend the stand so the pin does not take too much pressure.


these are the hand-made pegs that Kenny Puccio made for my 1980 show bike. I prefer normal instead of rear-mounted pegs and my size-12s need some rubber under them, so I switched to factory pegs.
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A handful of shock mounts for various years. I will measure them, draw them up, figure out what fits what with your help and publish the result, and then sell them off on eBay.


Here is that K-Model top motor mount. It does not go back in the tub, it is going to the workbench/desk where I have the 1952 K-Model perched.
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This NOS (new old stock) center stand is really sweet. I might mount it up, or I might sell it on eBay. I guess if it lets you change the tire without a bike lift that is pretty cool.


Here is a crappy pic of some later-model pegs. I want to see if I can adapt them to the old Sportsters.

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Here are some conventional old pegs. Note the little barbs on the barrel. That means they are factory, the aftermarket folks just left them smooth. I use Yamabond 4 to glue on the rubber.


This bushing and a bag with the right-side shifter stuff from 1975-76 looks like a mis-file. I will put it in the tranny or primary tub.
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A bag of late model top motor mounts and such-- pure gold. I need this stuff for my 1979. I welded on a top mount to the frame so I did not have to use the factory late model (1977-84) mounts that cause the rocker box gaskets to leak. Unfortunately, the sump on the bottom of the 1977 and later motors means the engine has to lift up higher to drop into the frame, which is why the factory went to the rocker box motor mounts. My crappy weld broke anyway, so now the plan is to figure out a top mount that you can remove to take the motor out, but still ties into the big bolts on the head, and lets the rocker boxes float.

Some nice cadmium-plated shift levers. I got the one on the bottom for 5 bucks at the Cow Palace swap meet years ago. Same deal, I want to document the differences, write it up, and then sell this stuff to finance the work on my bikes.
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When the kickstand mount gets egged out since you put a 16-inch wheel on the back of your 1977 kick-only Sportster, and a 21-inch wheel on the front, you can weld in a piece cut from an old frame, or the factory made repair sections like on the left. Priceless.


I got this thing for early model footpegs. After 1977 the factory mounted the pegs on the motor. I see the two on the right are NOS. Once again, measure them, draw them, publish it, and sell them off.
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Here is the first strata of the tub as I repacked it.


I laid in some bubble wrap and put down this layer of parts.

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Here is the top layer of parts in the peg and kickstand and motor mount tub. Looks good and now I know what is where and can refer to these pictures to remind myself what I put where.x.e end
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