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stjephan1977's 1980 Sporster XR-750 replica

This street-legal 1980 Harley Davidson Sportster is the ultimate street machine. pdf version
This motorcycle has been featured in several magazines including Easyriders and Hot XL.
This vehicle has undergone extensive modifications to the drive line and chassis and is a custom built motorcycle in all aspects. The engine is the original 80-cubic inch with a limited production Sputhe top end to replicate an original XR using the best parts available from current suppliers. Carburation is via two
Mikuni carburetors. All casings and covers in excellent condition. The engine is highly detailed, pistons are the original standard bore and the valve train has been upgraded to run unleaded fuel. The transmission is a 1977 HD XL1000 four-speed equipped with Andrews gears (C-ratio) and a 1969 dry clutch assembly. The mainshaft is a Sonny Routt running through a Trock trap door. All components excellent condition.
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The front suspension consists of a Ceriani roadrace fork that has been show chromed. The brake discs (11 and 12") are Meehanite (produced by Kosman), with the calipers coming from Performance Machine (four piston fronts, 2 piston rear).

The rear swing-arm is an original 1978 HD unit with S&W rear shocks. The front tire is a new Dunlop K591 110/90. The rear tire is a new Dunlop K591 150/90. The front and rear wheels are custom solid discs made by Kosman (17" front, 15" rear) and are in excellent condition.

The frame is an original 1972 Harley Davidson XR 750 unit that is in excellent damage free condition with perfect gloss black paint. The gas tank and rear fender are also OEM HD units that are in excellent condition. The paint is a Candy Apple Red over a gold base with a perfect finish. The frame and swing-arm are gloss black and also have an excellent finish with no chips or scratches.

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The seat is custom built by the owner. The cam cover, sprocket cover, primary cover, master cylinder cover, foot controls, handlebars, hand controls, headlight peak, float bowls, etc. are all show quality chrome. The custom chain guard, exhaust shield and tach housing are also of show quality chrome.
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