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Iron Sportsters made in the 1966 model year:

hdbab's 1966 Sportster XLCH

hdbab's 1966 Sportster XLCH

Here's a pretty original 1966 XLCH. It has a later front end on it. but thats a good thing if you are going to ride it.

Lee Custom Cycles' 1966 Sportster XLCH

Lee Custom Cycles' 1966 Sportster XLCH
1957 was the first year of the Sportster.

andraandrudy's 1966 Sportster XLCH

andraandrudy's 1966 Sportster XLCH

This 1966 Harley-Davidson Sportster XLCH is the ultimate street machine, and a true American Icon. It is a very sanitary machine.

bigjwijn's 1966 Sportster custom cafe racer

bigjwijn's 1966 Sportster custom cafe racer This motorcycle was featured on the front cover of the July, 2011 issue of "Hot Bike Magazine". 

mtnbk1's 1966 XLCH restoration

mtnbk1's 1966 XLCH restoration This is a special bike which ruled the roads during its time. The Harley XLCH was the beast of the times and the 1966 model was perhaps the best for the few years Harley produced this model, beginning in 1957.

seanandtibb's 1966 Sportster XLCH

seanandtibb's 1966 Sportster XLCH This is my 1966 XLCH Sportster. The engine is completely re done including head work, new valves and seats.

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