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hdbab's 1966 Sportster XLCH

Here's a pretty original 1966 XLCH. It has a later front end on it. pdf version
That's a good thing if you are going to ride it. The rest of the bike looks right and it runs great with no smoke. I still have the correct legs and drum front brake and internal handlebars.  All the lights work and it starts good if you are a man and can kick it. I do think its a later rear fender and carb and it has been rewired. It will wet sump like all of the old ones do.
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You need to put the wet sump valve in the feed hose that will stop the sumping. The belly numbers match and start with 66. The neck frame casting number is 56. The rear motor mount casting is 67. I am guessing it was made late 1966.


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