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SportsterPaul's 1962 Sportster

My 62 Sportster is a lot like the Cadillac in that country western song. pdf version
It's been put together from parts from many different years.

The swingarm and chaingaurd are K-model pieces. The front end is from 1969. The tank is a 1964 piece. The luggage rack is a big-bike part adapted with a torch and a big pry bar. I ran a magneto until California required oxygenated gas. That fall I was no longer able to start the bike in less then thirty kicks. When I put on the coil I added a

battery up front rather then trash the classic wrap-around oil tank. I also added an oil filter. The bike is not "correct"but I love it just the same. It idles up better then any other Sportster I own. Some guy at a poolroom offered me 8 grand for it. I told him no.
The bike has factory spotlights and an aftermarket Bates-style headlamp bucket. I hate the "eyebrow" style since you can't hang your helmet over the headlamp when you are off the bike.
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Here is a more recent shot of the bike after I fitted a valanced front fender and a 1959 tank. I also installed a beat-up set of Buco saddlebags.
I have since replaced the old Buco bags with a NOS (new old stock) pair I found on eBay. Also, I have gone back to that red "turtle" tank since this one sprang a leak after a few years use. I have found a straighter valenced fender and replaced this one.
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