A compilation of Sportster fixes
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Maintenance repairs

If you haven't followed the maintenance procedures, or if you are just unlucky, you will need to check out the repair procedure. This is one category, the other categories are at the bottom of this page.

Keeping an Iron Sportster on the road requires constant vigilance. Be sure to check for intake O-ring leaks. Don't over-tighten the chain or the rear brake adjustment. Check the ignition flyweights often. Check the oil level and the tire pressure every week. Check that the brake light works every ride. If the battery dies, replace it. Blow the lifter area clean before you adjust valve lift. Run O-ring chains despite chewing the sprocket cover. Always use new lockwashers. Use anti-seize. Be careful with impact wrenches, torque wrenches are much preferred.

Never work on both the front brake and rear brake at the same time. Never use silicone, it blows up engines.

I've broken a lot of Sportster parts. Here are some in the Maintenance category.
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Iron Sportster problems

Iron Sportster problems

Be sure to check for these problems if you don't want to have to push your bike home....

Battery replacement

Battery replacement

Batteries seem to fail once a year. Get good at replacing them....
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