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The spare engine shelf

A few extra engines are handy if you get it a tight spot.
All the tubs and bins are in pretty good shape after I organized them. Now down to the bottom shelf where I have four spare Sportster engines. I might sell them on eBay or I might try to put as many parts on them as will fit. Sportster_garage_spare-engine-shelf-01

I thought his first motor was a late model, after 1977, since that is the primary cover it has on it..
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Yet when I look at the serial number it ends in "H2" so that would be a 1972 case. That is the last year the speedo drive came from the transmission and the first year 1000cc.


This is my second spare engine. It too had a 1977 or later primary cover. I can see the gearcase is 1969 with the fins, and unfortunately, its chromed. No flywheel but I something like 5 flywheels in milk cartons in the spare room.
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There is an electric start setup on the engine so that is nice if my knee gives out before my heart.


The serial number ends in "H3" so this should be a 1973. That is great, it means the tranny is stronger since there is no speedo drive down there. The missing cylinder studs worry me, but this might be a keeper to fill in the gap between my 1962 Sporty and my 1977.
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The third motor is in the crate that I got my K-model engine in. Its mostly gutted, just the cases, but I think those cylinders are for the pistons and rings I tossed in the crate before the movers took it Florida.


Here is the show side of the third engine. Its missing the oil pump but I do remember that complete one I have in the oil tub.
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The serial number on this engine ends in "J0" so that would make this a 1980 motor. The date stamp under the front cam gear has 79 on it, so that makes sense.


The forth engine on the bottom shelf of the Gorilla Rack is more complete, with a top end and crank and most of the guts.

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The fact that the engine has the later model integrated electric start makes it a 1981 or later. The big 82 on the rocker box is a subtle clue.


It looks like Harley dropped the old serial number convention by 1982, the serial number did not end in "J2" like I thought it would.
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So here is the Gorilla Rack all organized. I need to replace the shelves with 3/4 inch plywood, but it is pretty good to go. You can see the box of fenders at the top that I might take into the spare room where I have the tanks and other light stuff.

Following are the tubs and parts bins in the other rack. I have not gone through that top box yet, its full of gaskets. One of my hopes it to make my own gasket board for Iron Sportsters. That coffee can is empty, but now I realize it would be a perfect place for those head bolts and miscellaneous fasteners I have in baggies. Now onto the spare room to organize that Sportster stuff.
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