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The battery and starter tub

Prestolite, Hitachi, and Nippondenso starters.
So I mentioned in the ignition tub post that I took two electrical tubs and made one tub for ignition and one for starters and batteries. This one is the battery and starter tub. Sportster_garage_battery-starter-tub-01

The tub already had a lot of battery boxes and starter mounts in it.
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But down at the bottom of the tub were all these ignition parts. I put them in the ignition tub.


The tub had two late-model starters. Don't think these are Evo starters, the iron Sportsters went to the integrated drive starter in 1981, I know, I have an engine case that proves it. What I can't get over is how much smaller the battery is with this starter compared to that old giant H3 battery used with the 1967 to 1980 setups. There is also a chromed Prestolite starter motor in the tub.
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I tossed in two battery boxes for that H3 battery, they are both different from one another.


I noted this tub was the only one that took some damage in the move from California to Florida. It is not surprising since it was full of such heavy stuff and no padding.
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I added yet another yet different H3 battery box, and an XLCH battery box, and the drive housing for both a Hitachi and a Prestolite starter motor. I garnished with some metal and rubber battery hold-downs. Back on the rack it goes, but at least I know what is in the tub now.
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