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The ignition tub

I took an electrical tub and made it just for ignition parts.
The next tub I had thought of as "electrical" but it was really a mixture of ignition and starter parts, while I had another tub that was similar. So I combined all the ignition stuff into this tub.

That's an insanely rare K-model battery mount on the left side. Above is an early Sportster one I bought by mistake. I have since sold the Sporty one and am putting the other on my K-model.

I remember tossing these battery brackets into the "electrical" tub right before the movers came.I will separate them out and put them in the starter parts tub.
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So I set aside all the battery stuff, including the two early-model 6-V battery mounts on the bottom right. I set those on the K-Model restoration table.


This tub also had both a Hitachi (left) and Prestolite starter motor. I set these aside, intending to take my two "electrical" tubs and turn them into an ignition tub and a battery/starter tub.
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Sorry for the crappy picture, this is one of those top motor mounts that also mounts an ignition coil. The factory never did this, it was an aftermarket innovation.


Here is a bunch of ignition coil mounts. On the far left is a home-made setup that tied to the rocker box bolts and put the coil in between the two rocker boxes on 1977 to 1984 Sportsters. Note one mount is a slot, since you can't get that rocker box bolt out with the engine in the frame.
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Another crappy pic, but this is the trumpet horn mounting kit I intend to put on my 1962 Sporty. It is kinda close to the ignition, so I left it in this tub.


A bag of oddball wires. I figure the kill switch is ignition related, but it could go in the handlebar tub as well. That connector with the three wires is for the late-model voltage regulator.
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A big 'ol bag of spark plug wires. This definitely belongs in the ignition tub.


Some magneto mounting hardware, including the cool-guy 1967 adjustable timing mount.

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A bag of bicycle speedometers. I thought they were cool chopper-style stuff. But the batteries keep failing and water ruins them and they don't read right above 75mph. That one on the left you need a computer science degree to "program." The RTM computime gizmo on the right is a vibration-sensing hour meter I had it on my 1962 Sporty, I thought hours of operation was as good as an odometer. Thing is, hours does not tell you how much gas is in the tank, so that is why I went to the bicycle speedos, and now I am just putting the factory speedos back on.


All this stuff is destined of the other tub, for battery and starter parts.
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Here is a big baggie of points and plates. The cup dealie at upper left was my failed attempt to keep the cone motor flyweights from beating themselves to death. The outer rum was supposed to stop the weights without torquing them over like the roll pin. Turns out the weights just bounced off the rim and the timing went all over the place and the bike would not run. I still would like to have a points advance system that did not self-destruct, but I am just putting electronic ignition on my bikes.


Here is some late-model electronic ignition stuff. A Dyna 2000 and the cup for a factory sensor.
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This is a baggie of factory electronic ignition pars. I used to think it was chopper and cool to have the ignition module inside the cone. Now I think maybe having it by the coil where things are less hot might be a better idea, and so then just put a sensor in the cone like the factory does after 1981.


This is the ignition tub before adding in the stuff from the other tub having electrical stuff. Pretty boring.
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This is all the ignition stuff from that other tub. I nice magneto, and a points distributor or circuit breaker if you prefer. And seven ignition coils. The orange one has that same bracket I talked about that mounts the coil off the top motor mount.


Here is the ignition tub with all the stuff in it. I made sure to wrap the mag in bubble wrap again, no need to scuff it up.
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