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The transmission tub

The transmission tub.
This is another heavy tub I keep on the bottom shelf. Its got transmission parts.

When I ground away the countershaft bearing in my 1977 daily driver, I could find all the parts I needed in this tub. Pictures of that fix are coming. It was a big job but so far it seems to have come out OK.

The tranny tub was in pretty good shape. I just went through it to document what I had.
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Pretty sweet, three complete transmissions. These are good candidates to be put into my spare cases or maybe just sell them all on eBay.


All three trannys are for 1976 and earlier bikes. This one has the threaded boss at the bottom for the primary cover bolt on dry clutch bikes with the early center-mount primary cover.
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The second trap door also has the threaded boss. On bikes with tin primary, sometime the boss was not drilled and tapped.


The third tranny trap door is the latter model without the boss. They stopped using the center-mount primary cover in 1966.
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The trannys sit in the tub pretty as you please.


I had two shift ratchets, they are both the earlier type that has little spring-loaded plungers.
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There were four clutch gears in the tub. Two on the left are early model dry clutch, then and electric start dry clutch shaft and on the far right is a wet clutch shaft.


A whole mess of clutch spacer bushings, I put them in the clutch tub.

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A selection of threaded stuff. A shifter plunger, some clutch nuts, and a sprocket nut or two.


The bag of most precious. These are different rollers you use to set up the main-shaft bearing on the sprocket side. They come in a couple tenths over and stock and bigger, maybe 4 tenths. I just used them to set up my 1977 after putting in a transmission. I have the real-deal hone that you really need to align the bushing, and then you pick the right bearings so the main shaft runs just tight enough.
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A bunch of shift forks. They come in 20 thousandths under and over, so you can set the gear spacing up. I guess they had trouble controlling the cut outs on the shifter cow paddy plate.

Just a little remembrance of my 1996 Sportster. I came of it at 60mph and broke a rear shock and mashed up the crash bar. I thought I was doing fine, heck, I drove it to the hospital. About two weeks later the tranny made a clunk and stopped shifting right. That was because the paper-thin clip you see broke in two, and this little plate fell off the shift drum. I assume it was the tumble it took on highway 101 that broke the clip. I left that bike in California with an old pal. I am all-Iron in Florida.
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