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harleysoftailazman's 1981 Sportster XLH

This bike was bought by my wife in AZ against my will 4 years ago. pdf version
This is a 1981 Harley Davidson Sportster. I refuse to put in more money in this bike.
This is a list of the work completed on the bike: new carb kit  (K&N); new ignition system; new gasket seal kit; new battery; 2 new tires; 2 new tubes; new throttle cable; new point cover; speedometer head; new battery box
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The parts came to $1100.00, then the bike was sent out for a paint job which was another $700.00. The wiring was repaired and replaced as needed. The shocks were bought for another 220.00 and all this does not count the labor. I will be taking the bike out for a spin. I'm gonna put clean gas in the bike, but it does leak oil.


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