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steve*buys' 1979 Sportster XLS Roadster

This is a two-owner Harley Davidson XLS Roadster. pdf version
Perfectly ready for the open road, it has 14,800 original miles. Features original factory two-tone  black and gray paint with gold pinstripes and the rare 1979 Siamese Exhaust system. 

This classic was fitted with buckhorn bars and a standard NOS XLH seat.  Upgrades include a new AGM (Absorbed glass mat) Sealed Battery, new  Diamond
530 Chain with new, made-in-USA 22 tooth front countershaft sprocket along with a chrome, 51 tooth, rear sprocket for smooth operation at highway speeds which is nicely protected by a NOS chain guard. I find this combo of the 22 up front and the 51 rear is a nice compromise between off the line quickness and nice highway rpm's. In fourth gear here are the mph & rpm: 50mph/2500rpm,
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60mph/3000rpm, 70mph/3500rpm. The XLS is strong and stable at even higher speeds, but I set it up this way because I like the 65 - 70 mph range as it is very comfortable, safe and a pleasure to ride at this speed. You can cruise comfortably at 70mph as the engine is turning very easily at 3500rmp. The carb is a 1988 Kiehin 27029-88 with a 165 main jet which is the factory spec, however, if you want to really accelerate quickly or love to twist the throttle, you may want to update the main jet to a 175 or even a 185 which would increase performance at full throttle. 

A new, smooth operating, Golan High-flow performance Petcock supplies fuel to an updated and rebuilt Keihin 38mm butterfly carburetor. Bike rolls like a dream with new premium Dunlop GT501 100/90-19V tubeless front and GT501 120/90V-18 tubeless rear on factory alloy rims that are dynamically balance with Dyna Beads. 

Rear shocks have been updated with the correct factory original, NOS shocks. Rebuilt master cylinders front and rear and rebuilt brake calipers and new disk brake pads all around.  Generator and starter solenoid were recently rebuilt and a new starter relay is completely reliable. The machine starts easily with one push of the starter button, has good idle, with just the right sound with the factory "cams".  Pulls evenly, cruises dead straight, handles very well and stops with authority. 

This 79' model was unique and has become quite rare in its mostly original factory format. This XLS is a stunning example of just how beautiful an original 1979 Sportster can look.
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The following excerpt from Buzz Buzzelli's book Harley Davidson Sportster Performance Handbook  provides some insight to the XLS styling -   "The 1979 Roadster had upgraded features and styling patterned after the 1340 Low Rider. The fact that the Siamese exhaust system, with its connected header pipes and dual mufflers, significantly improved power had little effect on the bike's appeal.  Today these bikes are very collectible in stock condition."
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