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imcranco's 1979 Sportster bobber

This bike runs awesome, starts up easy, and is a blast to ride. pdf version
This is a 1979 Harley Sportster that has been "murdered out" with a totally flat-black stealth paint job. Don't expect a high dollar paint job, it isn't! Just flat black. It has new pistons, rings and a bore job. Also a new 3-angle valve job. Rebuilt carb, new starter Bendix, new solenoid, new battery, new seat covering. Controls have been moved back like Cafe style. One off custom built exhaust with flat track muffler. XR-750 tail section, new ignition system, a real edgy 1980's Honda gas tank that has been acid washed inside then Kreem coated. Custom pop up gas cap. Dual disc front brakes with 21" front wheel and a 16" rear wheel. Brake calipers have been dis-assembled, cleaned and new o-rings, new brake fluid front and rear. New oil in motor and trans. Speedo and tach work, and a new tach cable. The speedo reads 7,262 but I cannot be sure that is correct. The only thing that doesn't work is the turn signals.
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