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American classic motors' 1977 XLCR 1000

This is our 1977 Harley-Davidson Sportster cafe racer XLCR 1000. pdf version
Only 1900 were made in 1977 and very few still remain. This bike has only 25,362 miles. There's no doubt that the XLCR is one of the most distinctive examples of Willie G's work, but it was also one of the few that failed in the marketplace due to strong sales of Japanese models. Despite the attention the bike got at shows and in the press, only 3,123 XLCRs were made during two years of production which makes this bike very rare and collectible. This bike is a very nice example, very original, and runs strong. Factory triple disc brakes. Original Siamese pipe header w/ chrome shields & aftermarket mufflers. S&S carburetor upgrade. Beautiful bike originally from California.
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1977_Sportster_XLCR_1000_eng_rt.JPG 1977_Sportster_XLCR_1000_lf.JPG
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