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norwinda's 1971 Sportster bobber

Another very cool bike out of my collection. A matching # '71 XLH Ironhead Sportster. pdf version
A whole lotta time and money has gone into this bike, so check it out. The previous owner had this bike for 30 years, did all the paint work and customizing over last few years. Lots of chrome and powder coating. Deitz style headlight. Bolt-on hardtail. Oil cooler. Electric start.  I have the original swingarm and most other pcs. except tank and seat. Top end professionally rebuilt, cylinders honed over, new pistons, valve guides, cam & competition valve job. Over 2k in engine work alone. The motor has zero miles, test driven, sounds great, ready to go. Check out gothardt.com for other bikes I've collected and sold.
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