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Sportster Guy's cruzin' 1967

Here is a 1967 XLH Sportster that my wife and I restored back in 1986. pdf version
It is kick and electric, is the first year for electric start on a Sportster, and has matching number engine cases that have never been damaged.
We totally disassembled this motorcycle, rebuilt the motor and transmission, painted the frame and swing-arm, serviced the front forks and rear shocks, stripped all the sheet metal bare and had it painted black, and all parts that were not black were sent to be chromed.
Back then it cost $800.00 to chrome all those parts; today it would probably cost over 4,000 dollars.

This motorcycle has always been in a heated garage and is still in beautiful condition for having been driven 35,000 miles in 25 years.
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Some of the parts were NOS such as the rare saddlebag guards, tachometer, speedometer, gauge housing, and most of the front end parts. It has won many bike shows over the years at events such as the Am Jam, Daytona Bike Week, Syracuse super swap, and the Harley Rendezvous.

All parts on this motorcycle are genuine HD and are correct for a 67 XLH except the seat and luggage rack(which are off a 75 Sportster), the chrome generator wrap, and the rear drop center rim (I have the correct rim to go with the bike).
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