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lynbdymini's 1967 bagger

This is a 1967 Harley Davidson XLH Sportster. pdf version
It was fully restored to factory specifications in 1991. Since then it had less than 50 miles put on it and sat in a garage for the next nearly 20 years.

The bike came out of the garage, was went over from front to back, top to bottom. Everything was cleaned, adjusted and replaced that was needed
to make this a running and ride-able motorcycle.

The bike fires right up and rides down the rode just as it did in 1967! It has electric and kickstart on this machine. Everything is original, genuine Harley Davidson parts.
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I can go on and on about this bike, but the pictures speak for themselves.  Again, this bike was restored in 1991, and as beautiful as this motorcycle is, it is not 100% flawless, but it can be ridden and shown and draw a crowd anywhere. I also have all the paper work on this motorcycle dating back until the 1980s (which includes the $10k invoice to restore the bike in 1991).

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