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rogerstruck's stock 1967 Sportster XLCH

This bike is original Harley Davidson. The motor has matching belly numbers. pdf version
with no case damage or repairs. It runs well with no smoke or unusual noises. It has the right Tillotson carburetor just rebuilt with the correct air cleaner. The choke tube is missing, but I expect to have one soon. The magneto has new points condenser and coil, along with the advance and retard in working condition. The clutch and transmission work properly. The frame is as it should be, no extra holes drilled or anything welded on. Wiring is from 1967. All lights work. The handlebars have the right switches and throttle. Both gauges, tach and speedometer, work. Front and rear brakes are new with bearings also. The front fork gators are NOS (new old stock). Tank, fenders, and chainguard are
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all original Harley with no dents. The paint is semi gloss with no clear coat. There is no extra chrome, polished aluminum or powder coat. It looks as it should, a bike from the past.

Rims are aluminum with stainless steel spokes. For some reason the spoke nipples on the rear wheel are steel. Tires are original Goodyear, ribbed on the front and traction on the rear. Exhaust is original with heat shields and clamps. The chain is new. These bikes are hard to find in this condition without being altered through the years. Most of the time I can start the bike with one kick.
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