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Ptk2's bright red '65

You are looking at my very original 1965 XLH Sportster. pdf version
Originality includes the turtle tank and very rare full fenders, a genuine 1965 HD dual exhaust system, a very cool metal-flake red and silver banana seat, matching red grips and kicker rubber, and much more. The bike was rebuilt top to bottom in the late 1990's. I rode it from Chicago to Sturgis in 2000. It is kick start only. It does start fairly easy. I replaced the mechanical regulator with a solid state which is hidden behind the tool box. Recently put NOS correct 1965 genuine rear shocks  on it. The bike has been off the road since 2008. It ran great when I put it away and I have no reason to think it won't run great now. The bike was oiled and kicked over frequently while in storage.
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I replaced the speedometer a few years ago. Although it reads 600 miles actual mileage is around 17,000. I bought this bike in Lima, Ohio in 1991. Parked outside next to a chicken coop. Really! I'm the 3rd owner.

The bike is very cool and reflects a neat mid 1960's funk in terms of styling. The bike has some patina or chips and scratches. Paint is faded around the gas cap but you can't see it when the cap is on. Also a slight scrape on the front muffler as seen in the photos.

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