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joestuff1's 1961 Sportster time capsule

This is the Tangerine Dream, a 1961 Harley Davidson XLH Sportster. pdf version
This bike is a time capsule of how Sportsters where built in the day. It has an original 1970's paint job and all vintage speed equipment.  Stroker motor with T+O 4  5/8 fly wheels, Dytch big bore cylinders, S+S 3700 series flat top pistons, Sifton minus minus cams, Branch heads with XLR valve, S+S GB carb with velocity stack and donut, freshly rebuilt magneto, XLR primary cover. 1200cc's of screaming old beast, she runs like a raped ape. Motor and transmission were build two seasons ago. She has been run on the weekends for two summers after the rebuild, about 3000 miles, and runs like a top. She has an electronic tach module to keep the mag gears from wearing out as they old mechanical tachs used to, and a Morris magneto single-fire spark module to help 
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her run smooth. The paint job was done in the 70's. She looks like she has been run and cared for from the 70's to today yet I got her as a basket case. Starts on the third kick once you learn how it's done, it never kicks back. Original Bates seat too.
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