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traincrazycat's 1960 Sportster XLH

This 1960 Sportster XLH 900 "Ironhead" has been restored to near original. pdf version
The bike was totally dismantled, sandblasted, epoxy primed, and painted with acrylic enamel.

The motor has been totally rebuilt from top to bottom. new pistons, new rods, new crank pins, new bearings, new valves, new springs, new seats, new guides, new primary chain, all new clutch components and much more.

The motor has been cranked twice but needs cam shaft shims re-adjusted as it is a little tight and hard to kick start. A later model oil pump was added for better oil pressure. the headlight, tail light, and the rear fender are reproductions but I do have the original parts. The seat is not original. The gas tank is a rare turtle tank with original emblems from maybe a 1962. he crash bars are new old stock (NOS).
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