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craiginstall's 1958 Harley KR flattrack racer

This is a complete 1958 KR flat track racer in extremely good condition. pdf version
According to my research of various publications, only nine KRs were made in 1958, out of a total production of less than 1000 units built between 1952-1968.

1958 was the lowest production year for the KR. The engine is completely rebuilt with venolia pistons and electronically balanced. It has a bomb-sight Linkert carburetor, and a front-mount Fairbanks-
Morse magneto. All transmission gears are in correct racing ratios and are in pristine condition. The engine cases have never been cracked or broken, even in the countershaft area, where Ks and Sportsters are prone to breakage. The frame is perfect with no repair welds. The paint is Flight Red and in fair shape, except for a few minor cracks. It's not bad considering it's about 50 years old.
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Has original Bates pleated solo seat and pillion pad that came on the bike new, with no rot or rips. The bike was last raced in 1967, and has been in my possesion and stored indoors since 1973. Bad health has kept me from ever starting this bike, but I have oiled the cylinders and turned over the motor on a regular basis. There are no miles on this rebuilt engine.

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