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cotedemontagne's 1957 Sportster

This is a 1957 Harley-Davidson Sportster. pdf version
This is the first year the Sportster was introduced, and I've spent more than $6,000 in the past four years rebuilding the bike. You should be aware that the shifting and brakes are on opposite sides, and the original bike had both a suicide throttle and a manual spark advance.  You should also be aware that the gas tank shown in the photos is from a 1958 Sportster and not the original tank since I like the look of the peanut tank better. 1957_Sportster_lf.jpg
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The bike was rebuilt using original parts where available and aftermarket parts when nothing else was available.  Some parts were custom-made because the originals just aren't available any more.

The bike currently has a king-queen seat, but I do have the single solo seat. I have the frame tubes and springs so I can go back to the single seat setup. It's not a 100-point restoration but, as you can see from the photos, it sure is pretty.  It's a fun bike to ride when you get used to the controls.  NADA book value currently lists a 1957 Sportster at between $10K and $14K.  This bike has all new paint, lots of new chrome and two barely used tires.


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