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Venice Choppers' 1952 Harley K-model

This restored 45 cubic inch K-Model is beautiful stock with original low miles. pdf version
Low miles on a total restoration. Purchased by current owner/restorer from an estate sale in Santa Monica, CA in the mid 80's. Restored to its current state in 1991, it has only been ridden 79 miles since. Actual mileage unknown. Restoration involved a complete tear down. All painted parts stripped, and repainted. Tank and fenders painted original color, with Imron paint.  All chrome parts re-plated by Christianson Chrome, Vernon, CA. Wheels rebuilt by Buchanan Spoke and Rim, with new brake linings. Engine top end rebuilt with 20 thousandths over pistons. 12 volt generator upgrade. Original twist advance distributor. Original brass Linkert carb with re-bushed throttle shaft. Clutch rebuilt with Kevlar Sportster plates. Leather solo seat. Later model lever perches to allow for mirrors.
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Rebuilt speedometer, reset to zero at restoration. The bike has been on display in the builders shop for over 20 years. It has been dialed in, tuned to a healthy state, started regularly, and ridden occasionally. The quality of the restoration is top notch. The only flaws noticeable include- a small chip in the paint on the rear fender, a small, well done repair on inner primary case, and split hand grips. The chrome is thick and shiny, the paint smooth and shiny. The bike looks like it came from a time capsule, with only minor detailing needed to clean, and remove some minor corrosion.

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The left rear is clean on old K-models, no brake or sprocket in the way of those beautiful spokes. Note the "flip" on the end of the read fender, used on K's and early Sportsters.


Stock tail light, although chromed, not black. Stock exhaust works well, its only 45 cubic inches, after all.

The early chain guard is a thing of beauty. At least until they crack from vibration. A clean decent restoration of a classic American bike.

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The left side of a K-model is as nice as the show side.

1952_Harley_K-model_headlamp_lf.jpg The early headlight is a thing of beauty, especially with chrome or stainless tins on the fork.

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