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The kickstarter and sprocket tub

Wet and dry clutch engine sprockets mixed with kickstarter stuff.
I know the engine sprockets don't belong with the kickstarter parts. But the tub had room, and once I get everything accounted for and a lot of stuff sold off, I can divy up things better. Sportster_garage_kickstarter-sprocket-tub-01

You can see from the tub as-moved there were a lot of mis-filed parts. A early model solo seat tree does not belong here. Neither does that foot-peg.
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I laid the tub out and saw there were a lot of kickstarter parts in it, as well as a bunch of engine sprockets. I guess I still have feelings for compensating sprockets or I would not have collected three of them.
So I figure to start the tub off with five kickstarter shafts. There were three different ones, and hopefully with your help I can figure them out and document them so we all know.
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It was pretty easy to grab all the kickstarter parts and toss them in. I put in the levers, the geers, and the springs.


If your electric start Sportster does not have a kickstarter, but is earlier than 1981, than this is the little plug they use where the shaft goes into the primary compartment.
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Don't laugh, here is a hack I did when I put a dry clutch in my 1977. I adapted that goofy plate that holds ht ebrake switch. I made another bracket for the kickstrarter shaft. I think this had to much pull, the hinge is not near enough to the center of the mainshaft.


Here is another try at a clutch release mechanism for a cry clutch. Tris one worked better, but you can see that the steel bar bent so I had to weld some square stock. I cut this off the mounting plate and did a beefier design that is on my 1977 to this day.
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This is engine sprocket heaven. I have 5 regular sprockets and three compensating sprockets. I want to draw them up in Solidworks and then sell them off.


Here is the tub back together.

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And in goes all the clutch cables. I think I had 7 or 8 wet clutch cables and no dry clutch ones.
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