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Yet another Thunderhead tub

I made a point of buying as many sets of Thunderheads as I could.
Perhaps a little crazy, but here is another tub with a Thunderhead top end.

I would not be such a fanatic if I didn't have a running bike with Thunderheads and these aluminum cylinder heads do really make an Iron Sportster a different bike.

I use an old Keihin butterfly carb, circa 1978, for my running bike. It runs fine, but I suspect it would run even better with a modern Keihin CV carb.

Thing is, I have 4 Sportsters that use the old Keihin butterfly setup, so if I changed one bike to a CV carb, I would like to change them all.

This tub is a set of Thunderheads I scored on eBay. It looks pretty complete. When I get into the boxes and check things out, I will add to this post, and hopefully have a link to where I bolt them onto one of my bikes.

You can see I marked them 2011, which is when I won the eBay auction. I see this as an investment. Its good a gold. Heck Iron Sportster parts are better than gold since you don't have Janet Yellen giving speeches and jacking the price all over the place.

Speaking of which, when did H4 halogen headlight bulbs start selling for 26 dollars? I saw them for that at the local auto parts store. Madness, sheer madness.
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