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The throttle tub

Old factory throttles are best. Interior throttles are even better.
I have a whole tub full of throttle grips and handlebar halves. This is a good candidate to sell on eBay. I have a box full of complete handlebars in the spare room, so this stuff is pretty extraneous. Sportster_garage_throttle-tub-01

Here is the box as it was moved from California to Florida. I can see that gauge housing will be going in the gauge tub.
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Here is the stuff laid out, note the bin full of throttle grips.

A second bin had a bunch of clutch levers and other stuff.

Here is a closeup of those throttle grips.
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I had a whole mess of bars in the tub. Some are early model with internal cables. Sportster_garage_throttle-tub-06

This stuff belongs with the headlamps or gauges. Its nice to see what I have collected all these years.
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I had three Barnett clutch levers. They work great, and when you drop the bike they bend instead of snap off. Best yet, the thin levers mean you get a tiny bit more pull travel. Also a stock Harley lever, and a late model lever, I guess I had for my 1996 that I gave away.


I had some switch housings and another later model lever when it was integrated into the switch housing.
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Here is a nice little back of lever hardware.

Sportster_garage_throttle-tub-10I had a loose internal pull slug, I tossed in the bag.


Here is a whole mess of front wheel bearings and such. I guess it can live in this box, at least I can refer to this post to remind myself what is where.
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Things went into the tub pretty well to begin with.


By the time I was done packing the tub it was more like a puzzle. Back on the shelf it goes and time for the next one, but after some coffee.
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