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Accessories customization

There are a million ways to customize your Iron Sportster. One major reason for the popularity of the Iron Sportster is because you can mix and match parts from different years. You can put a disk brake front end on an old drum brake bike. Gas and oil tanks from different years may fit your bike. Best yet there is a vibrant aftermarket that makes thousands of diffenrt componets. And don't forget, you can adapt big-bik Jap bike and auto parts to your bike. This sections shows some things you can do.

Accessories are the essence of customization. Things like windshields, saddlebags, and spotlight can give your bike that unique style that is precisely suited to the way you use it. Accessories can frame the bike or define it at the core.

For a good idea of the things that always were good to know about, check out the old Harley accessories catalogs from the 1950s and 60s. Everything from crash bars to hiway pegs were available to make a bike a unique statement.The choices have become even greater as time has past.

I have hacked on a lot of Iron Sportsters. Here are some in the Accessories category.
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Install Buco saddlebags

Install Buco saddlebags

Build custom struts to mount antique Buco saddlebags on an old Sportster.

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