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Recently in the Website tutorial Category

Complete site redesign

I did a complete site redesign in 2015. I quit my job, left Silicon Valley, and moved to Florida where I can concentrate.

Cleaning up Repair and Customization

I slapped some content in the Repair and Customization sections from the older version of the site. Now I have redesigned the layout so it displays and prints better.

Setting up the Design section

I first built the design section of the site using page. That was because pages let you chose a folder. That blew up because the URLs got too long.

Moving this site to dreamhost

Remember when I told you how much I liked Movable Type? Well like all software it caused me immediate problems.

Trying to add an image to a post

I am trying to upload an image.

The website gets serious

I spent 10 years fiddling with a half-assed version of this website. I put a handful of files up on my personal website back in 1999.

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Bottom of first column This is the end.