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Mainshaft washer right

You pick a washer thickness to get the right mainshaft end-play.
35343-73 0.030"
35344-73 0.040
35349-52 0.050
35350-52 0.055
35351-52 0.060
35352-52 0.065
35353-52 0.070
35354-52 0.075
35326-73 0.080"
35355-72 0.085

There is a selection of washer thicknesses that allow you to achieve the desired mainshaft end clearance.

Wet clutch bikes should have more clearance since pulling the clutch pushes the clutch gear towards the mainshaft.

Sportster_MainshaftThe Iron Sportster mainshaft is a triumph of engineering. The general design has sustained from 1952 to 1984. There were teething problems in the early K-model, but they were all cured by 1957 with the introduction of the Sportster.

The mainshaft thrust washer right is in the darker oval. .
Bottom of first column move down to the left
You can stack two washers to get the required clearance.

Here is a selection of washers.

The part changed to a 35277-52A in 1954, Mainshaft-waher-right_35343-73_35344-73_35349-52_35350-52_35351-52_35352-52_35353-52_35354-52_35326-73_35355-72_stack.jpgThe washers stacked up. If there are gaps that means one or more washers are not dead flat, and you should find it and throw it away. The sound a washer makes when you plop it on a mirror or surface plate can also tell you if it flat.
move up a little to the right This is the end.