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There are three types of mainshafts in K-models and Sportsters.
The three types of mainshafts are early dry clutch (left), early electric start (middle), and late wet clutch (right).

The two early shafts have a hole through them lengthwise to pass the dry clutch release rod. The late shaft is solid, the wet clutch release is in the primary cover.

While the early dry clutch and late wet clutch mainshafts are about the same length, the late model is a bit shorter. The early electric start mainshaft is noticeably longer.

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Sportster_35044-56_Mainshaft_1952-1966-all-1967-1969-XLCH.jpg35044-56 1952-1966 all,1967-1969 XLCH, 3.74 inch for the clutch gear
35044-56 has a hollow shaft.Sportster_35044-56_Mainshaft_1952-1966-all-1967-1969-XLCH_rt.jpg35044-56

Sportster_35046-67_Mainshaft_1967-1970-XLH.jpg35046-67 1967-1970-XLH 1970 XLCH, 4.28 inch for the clutch gear Sportster_35046-67_Mainshaft_1967-1970-XLH_lf.jpg35046-67 is hollow.Sportster_35046-67_Mainshaft_1967-1970-XLH_rt.jpg35046-67
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Sportster_35046-71A_Mainshaft_1971-1984.jpg35046-71A 1971-1984, 3.7 inch for the clutch gear
35046-71A is solidSportster_35046-71A_Mainshaft_1971-1984_rt.jpg 35046-71A

Sportster-mainshaft_35046-71A_compare_35044-56.jpgThe 35046-71A mainshaft is not the early 35044-56 shaft without the hole. The late shaft is also a bit shorter.
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