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Clutch gear seal

The seal mounts in the extension, or directly in the 1967-70 clutch gear.

37531-56B 1956 from serial number 56KH-1465 to 66 all, 1967 to 1969 XLCH

12021 1967-1970 XLH, 1970 XLCH

The clutch gear seal keeps oil out of the dry clutch.

It is used from 1956 serial number 56KH-1465. The 1967 dry clutch electric start clutch gear takes a bigger seal. Wet clutch Iron Spo
rtsters do not use any seal.


37531-56B on left, near the early model dry-clutch gear with the extentison pressed in. The 12021 is on the right. It is bigger and goes direclty in the electric start dry clutch gear above it.

Bottom of first column This is the end.