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Countershaft low gear washer, left

This part is very long-lived. Pretty much one part # for all Iron Sportsters.
There are four different part numbers with different thicknesses.

When you asse
mble the transmission you pick one that spaces low gear a reasonable distance from the gear next to it, 3rd gear.

There was one numbers for early K-models, but by the time 1955 rolled around, the forth year of the K-model, Harley added 3 more thicknesses.

The 35840-52 is the only thickness washer for 1952 to 1953, for 1958 to 1984:
35836-55 is 0.075"
35838-55 is 0.085"
35839-55 is 0.100"
35840-52 is 0.065

Sportster_CountershaftsThe left countershaft has a spiral gear as part of the low or 1st gear. It drives the speedometer on 1952 to 1972 models. The right countershaft is what would be used on 1973 to 1984 Iron Sportsters, the speedo is from the front wheel.Countershaft-thrust-washer-low-gear-left_highlightThe washer goes between the 3rd gear and low gear, where the darker circle is in this picture.
Bottom of first column move down to the left
Countershaft-thrust-washer-low-gear-left_35836-55_35838-55_35839-55_35840-52Countershaft thrust washer low gear left.

Countershaft-thrust-washer-low-gear-left_35836-55_35838-55_35839-55_35840-52_placement.jpgThe washer goes in this pocket. You may need to stack two to get things to space out.Countershaft-thrust-washer-low-gear-left_35836-55_35838-55_35839-55_35840-52_spread.jpg35836-55, 35838-55, 35839-55, 35840-52

Countershaft-thrust-washer-low-gear-left_35836-55_35838-55_35839-55_35840-52_stack.jpg35836-55, 35838-55, 35839-55, 35840-52
move up a little to the right This is the end.