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seanandtibb's 1966 Sportster XLCH

This is my 1966 XLCH Sportster. The engine is completely re done including head work, new valves and seats. Lower end including crank pin, rebuilt rods, flywheels balanced and trued, new cams and cam bushings. Cases lapped and all new bearings. Transmission completely gone through and all case bushings lapped. Engine cases are mint and have no welds. Fins on both cylinders and heads are in excellent condition. Bike also has original slipper type racing clutch, new plates and primary chain. All engine work completed by Backstreet Cycle & Machine Ironwood, Michigan and Truett & Osbourne Cycle Wichita, Kansas. Frame is in excellent condition. Never welded on or chopped. Front end is an original old Paugho front end and front wheel is an original 18-inch spool wheel with no front brake. Bike has original rear drum brake set up.  All powdercoating professionally done by Lorac Wichita, Kansas.





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