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solotommy's 1952 Harley K-model

The cycle was restored to the owner's preference approximately 15 years ago. I rode it about 200 miles, then put it up. It sat on display in a central Florida dealership for quite some time, then was loaned to a museum. I started it again about 4 years ago when I was asked to teach a class on K Models at the Motorcycle Mechanic's Institute (MMI) in Orlando. Although it fired right up, it smoked badly.  I'm not sure if it was a wet sumping or ring issue.  This motorcycle won an award at the prestigious Lake Mirror Classic Councours, presented by famous race car driver Stirling Moss. It has the correct, one-year-only frame with hollow footpeg supports. The engine cases have matching belly numbers. The fenders are repop, but the gas tank is real. The left grip does not advance timing.

I once read that the late great jazz trumpeter Miles Davis always wore one item of red clothing when he performed because he believed that people get excited by the color of blood.   This explains the red kick pedal, but who needs red to get excited about such a fine, rare motorcycle?








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