Iron Sportster bill of material
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Shifter cam lock tab

The parts book calls them "Lock, shifter cam retainer". Lock tab is simpler.
34067-52 (two)

This metal washer goes under the 34065-52 hollow bolt that holds the cam plunger, which pushes against th
e cow paddy shifter plate.


The bolt, or Retainer, cam follower, as the factory calls it, holds the shifter plate in the gear positions, as well as having a detent for neutral.
Sportster_Trap-doorsThe Iron Sportster trap door assembly holds the mainshaft, countershaft, and shifter mechanism.

Sportster 34168-52 shifter cam lock tab. You use a new one every time, and bend the one of the little tabs against the bolt head to lock the bolt in place.
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