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Shifter shim

You can shim up the entire shifter assembly to get the gears in position.
35891-66 (if required)

While the -66 part shows up in the parts book, this part fits the entire production run, indluding the 1952 and 1953 K-model that did not have a trap door.

Sportster_Trap-doorsThe Iron Sportster trap door assembly holds the mainshaft, countershaft, and shifter mechanism.

The Iron Sportster shifter comes as the 34009-52 assembly.
Bottom of first column move down to the left



You can put one or more shims under the shifter mechanism to move both forks closer to the output (right) side of the transmission.

This is in combination with longer and shorter forks, as well as different thickness washers for first gear left and right, and the mainshaft thrust washer.

Tolerance stack was not too well understood in 1952, and lack of precision CNC machinery meant things are pretty sloppy in the tranny.

Sportster_35891-66_Shifter-shim_1952-1984_alt.jpgAn alternate view of 4 shims. The big hole passes the bolt, the two smaller holes pass the locating dowels.
move up a little to the right This is the end.