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A little sketchy, I used this for the #10 lockwasher needed on the smaller screw at the bottom of the early primary cover, as well as that big-old 3/8 flat washer used on the stud that mounts the chain tensioner in late models.


Sportster_Engine_Primary_Primary-cover_7025_washer_1958-1963 Sportster_Engine_Primary_Primary-cover_7025_washer_1958-1963 CAD
#10 lockwasherr. Used on smaller screw at bottom of steel primary. This may have been black Parkerized to match the black primary cover. Problems: You must replace split type lockwashers with every assembly. Image credit:


Maybe a different finish or head on the 7025? This was used with the chrome steel primary cover.


Sportster_Engine_Primary_Primary-cover_6379W_washer_1977-1984.JPG Sportster_Engine_Primary_Primary-cover_6379W_washer_1977-1984.JPG
Washer, 3/8" x 5/8" x 3/64" (1/16"). Used on stud that mounts the chain tensioner in 1977 and later models. Problems: Oil weeps past the washer. Image credit: Jan Willem Boon - parts for your Harley-Davidson - database.