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Needle bearing

Installed into the primary cover, this needle bearing supports the electric starter shaft for both Prestolite and Hitachi starters. The Nippondenso starter used in 1981 and later does not require support of the shaft on the primary cover.


Sportster_Engine_Primary_Primary-cover_9063_Needle-bearing_1967-1980 Sportster_Engine_Primary_Primary-cover_9063_Needle-bearing_1967-1980_rt Sportster_Engine_Primary_Primary-cover_9063_Needle-bearing_1967-1980_lf CAD
You use this needle bearing to support the starter shaft in electric-start engines. It is used in XLH models from 1967 to 1980. In 1981 Harley went to the modern planetary drive starter motors that do not need a support on the primary side of the shaft. Problems: You need a special puller in order to remove the bearing from the cover. You need to insure the little dowel pin is also in primary near the shaft, so the bearing is located correctly. This design represents another example of machinery in covers, like the rocker box and clutch release.