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kawasaki6767's 1969 Sportster XLCH

It is a collector item that was fully restored. The bike was custom build by its previous owner. I cannot provide more information about this owner since he passed away a day after I bought the bike.

The Vintage HD is in excellent running condition beside some areas showing rust see side mirror. Port and polished 107inch motor, Crollo, Andrew gears, lock rods, SSD Carburetor with a velocity stack. Exact mileage is unknown since rebuild therefore I put 0 miles. In order to register it with the DMV in NY I had to pencil trace the engine number. HD started in`70`s to stamp their machines with the matching frame number therefore this machine doesn’t have it. Engine Number:  69XLCH 1095. I was the first person after the rebuild to fire up the bike. I only put around 60miles on it. It was built as show bike.








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