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cardenasne's 1982 XLHA anniversary Sportster

This is an XLHA anniversary Sportster. pdf version
This really has been a great bike and has never left me stranded. The 25th Anniversary graphics had special paperwork about the bike's history signed by Chairman Vaughn Beals, President Charlie Thompson, and Styling Vice President Willie C. Davidson. Had this bike for about 12 years. It had 5000 miles when I bought it. I have tried to keep it as stock as possible and still did some upgrades for daily driving. It has a new electronic voltage regulator. I replaced both the chain and sprockets, using a larger front sprocket. This drops RPMs about by 700 in high gear. This provides for a smother ride and better fuel mileage. It pulls like a freight train.
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It has a custom seat, the factory one sucked. I replaced the pipes and mufflers since the old ones were blued. The bike sounds very healthy. I also installed new rear brake pads, an ignition switch, a gel-cell battery, and highway pegs.

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