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Joe's 1970 Sportster XLH

This motorcycle was purchased new at Williams Harley Davidson which was originally in Bound Brook, N.J. but is now located a few miles away in the town of Lebanon. This bike is just as quick and as much fun to ride as they were back in the day.

The 1970 Harley Davidson Sportster had a 900cc (55 cu. in.) engine with a 4-speed transmission. The XLH was electric start. It’s mostly stock with the exception of a brand new Bendix carb and a modern throttle. It came with a Tillotson. The info I have is that the first owner had a minor accident, got scared, and just stored it in his garage for about 20 years. The second owner, the guy I got it from, was a relative of the first owner. He bought it from him in the early 90’s and brought it to upstate N.Y. He didn’t use it much either, so it languished in his garage for another 20 years. It got a top end in 2009 or 10 and a cosmetic restoration during 2011 and 2012.









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